What is your deepest, darkest fears?

Or for my fellow Harry Potter fans, what's your boggart?
My boggart is rejection and loss. Not necessarily rejection from like a guy I like but just being told I am not good enough. Loss because if I lose everyone I love, I don't know what I would do. But my mental health would probably go off the deep end.


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  • I always thought it was a little strange how the boggarts were always much more tangible... but then again it is hard to turn into something like aging, or heights...

    I think mine would be the suffering of people I care about and the inability to help.

    • that always intrigued me about boggarts. Like Voldemort fears death. But his boggart is literally his corpse. He hates everything about muggles including how they die. When muggles die, they are just a corpse. Voldemort's biggest fear is not necessarily death but he fears he will die a muggle death. This is why when i got pissed off how the movie misrepresented his death. Voldemort did not disintegrate he was literally a corpse lying a ground.

    • He got his muggle death right here.


      The movies did mess up a lot of things. That one does not bug me as much as others... like the bloody baron. One thing I can say they did well on was the casting.

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  • I have a fear of death and being forever alone. Im sorry you fear rejection I do too, I also fear failure

  • losing my brother


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  • I can't tell u... its scary!