If you could go back in time what 3 things, youd change?

1st thing i'd change
When i was in elementary we came in from playing outside and all rushed to the water fountain, the girl i liked was behind me and behind her was this guy.. my rival. When i went to get my water and bent over she said "mmm ______ You smell good" my rival the guy behind her said "No he doesn't, he stinks"

I was so shocked.. i didn't know what to say so i said..., "Yeah he's right i stink"
immidiately after i hated my life. What i wish i said was "Thank you, you smell good too." To the girl
and "Stop being jealous" to my rival

(My ex rival and i go to the same school now and we're pretty good friends)

2. The house i live in now, i truly believe its cursed... like im so serious.. so much bad has happened since we moved here... soooo much... and we are moving after Christmas... thank.. godd.

I would change ever... ever ever ever ever ever moving here. ever.

I would have changed my eating habbits, my mom let me eat what ever i wanted and now in high school i regret it... i lost a lot and turned most into muscle but what i went through a couple of years ago... never again. I'm not letting my kids eat what ever.. I'm going to make them go outside and play... something i never did and im going to make them eat healty... no soda.. only water.. and orange/apple juice etc


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  • 1- I would have never dated my ex
    2- I would've taken AP courses in high school
    3- chose a different career path

    • Well, please don't get mad at me for saying this, but if you never have dated your ex then how would you of known more of what your looking for and having more knowledge about dating and what kind of guy he actually is.. More knowing if what you don't want etc.

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  • 1. I would have changed my eating habits as a child as well.

    2. I would try to get even better grades in highschool (I slacked off in grade 9).

    3. I wouldn't cut my hair, so they'd be longer then it is today.

  • 1. I was a very stupid little girl, would have made better decisions
    2. Would have listened to my parents more
    3. Would pay more attention to school


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