Im so depressed please help?

I don't know what to do my life sucks really bad right now all my parents do is yell at me and call me names like slut and stuff my best friend is moving away and the guy I like doesn't like me back. The only good things in my life is I'm getting a new phone and I have some friends


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  • Keep your head up and keep putting one foot in front of the other!
    It won't be like this forever, life DOES get better.

    It sounds like your family life isn't that great, which is a bummer but what can you do?

    And I know what it's like to have a best friend move away, it sucks!

    There are guys out there who will like you back and will treat you like a princess. It's a big world full of TONS of people, so don't worry too much about the guy not liking you back... You're missing out on better opportunities by staying stuck on this one person.

    I wish I could offer an instant miracle cure to fix the problems in your life and help you feel happy, but that doesn't exist.
    What I can suggest and what I know WILL help you to feel better and happy is this...

    Take a notebook, or a piece of paper, and a pen.
    And every night before you go to bed, write down 10 things that you are grateful for. It might go something like "I'm grateful for having a roof over my head and heat to keep me warm. I'm grateful for being able to see. I'm grateful for the food I had tonight for dinner, and for the Pop-Tarts and orange juice I have for when I wake up in the morning. I'm grateful for being able to read and write. I'm grateful for my new cell phone and being able to have so much information available to me on the internet. I'm grateful for my friends, especially Sally who helped me with my homework yesterday. I'm grateful for..."

    It doesn't have to be anything fancy, and if you end up repeating some of the same ones every day, it's OK!
    But believe me (or better yet, try it for a week or two and see for yourself!), doing this exercise will shift the way you experience life and will help you to feel a little better and open you up to new, good opportunities.

    Not an instant fix, so don't forget about seeing a doctor or getting therapy if you can, there might be more going on beneath the surface as well.

    Most importantly though, keep your head up and keep moving forward, it won't stay like this forever and there are years and years of good times, love, and happiness ahead!


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  • You have friends, focus on being grateful for that, many people don't. You need to shift your focus from what you don't have, to what you can appreciate. That's not to say you aren't being treated badly, but until you can be independent, and look after yourself, you need to keep your mind positive, and find motivation.


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  • Just remember your not alone... I went through ahuge phase of depression. Moved to anew City, worked 5 month straight andup to 7 Days Week. No family, no friends here. The only girl I was close with finished school and decided to leaver her past behing :(

    No positve energy came flowing knoing Ijave to get out here and move close to home where family / friends are. So there is aloways hope I've decided not no give up on her


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