Which hurts more. Getting hit in the balls or pregnancy?

Time to answer the age old question.

  • Hit in the balls
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  • Pregnancy
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  • Lmfao until a guy came push a watermelon out of his dick hole I think pregnancy wins.
    I couldn't sit down properly for two months after I had my daughter.

    • He didn't say giving birth, he said pregnancy. Also, until you get kicked right in the uterus, you don't know what it's like, so hush it~

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    • Damn I realize I had a few times where I had typo in my response

      When I said pregnancies I meant childbirths

      Now the question is pregnancy though which I couldn't tell you, I will say that the pregnancy itself probably is not as painful as getting hit in the balls, it probably just sucks because of the swelling and stretching of your body and all the hormonal imbalances in your going on.

      A nut shit is a nut shot, it is usually going to drop you to the ground, how much it hurts is measured by how long you stay on the ground

    • Numb the pain down 😴 Sure while the kids coming out of you but once you can feel everything stitches in your vagina hurt for months while they're healing. Not being able to wipe after you shit or pee is kind of irritating as well but hey.

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  • I would assume getting kicked while pregnant would hurt the most actually.


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  • Pregnancy does not hurt.

    I'm to understand that the part that hurts comes later

    • Pregnancy does hurt actually. You ever had milk swell your boobs up so much you couldn't move? Or massive amounts of water retention. Don't think so.

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    • Ovaries and a dick are very different things wtf

    • Ovaries and balls aren't very different. The dick isn't the part that hurts to be kicked in