I have a crush on a girl I've never met and don't know if I should act? (Was dissapointed before)?

Because it's anonymous, some info about me: 16 year old, Junior, longish hair, I like classic rock so it effects my style I guess... (Just for you to get an idea)
I sit next to this girl in my law class and up until now I didn't really have a chance to think about it because the girl at my right was always trying to talk to me and stuff, but the girl to my left (the current crush if you will) had caught my eye the first day. From what it seems, she isn't the rude, arrogant, self-absorbed type (My last crush was like that). Last year I actually tried going up to my crush from then and she turned out to be extremely conceited and sort of... bitchy and that sort of went down in flames from the moment I said, "Hey." But I feel like she wouldn't be like that, but I'm afraid that a similar thing will happen and since I haven't recovered from the humiliation I felt last time I really don't want to do that again... especially since she is in my class next to me... What shall I do?

Overall, I'm a very quiet person, not shy, quiet, there is a difference, and can seem cold to many. I don't really feel emotions much, I just push them aside, but sometimes, like this, something comes up that sort of makes a bigger deal, even though it's high school and it doesn't even matter.


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  • Go for it!!

    • I was thinking of maybe waiting until the end of the year maybe... I know it sounds kind of dumb, but that way if she declines my proposal to "have a drink" or whatever I should say, it won't be awkward in class the entire year...

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