Why is so damn complicated to learn to drive in UK?

I have been halway through in my first driving lesson and then the instructor asked me for a provisional and i didn't even know what one is so we had to stop the lesson. Now i have to pay $100 JUST to get the provisional and about $4000 for the driving license in total.


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  • That's not complicated.

    There are countries where you can't make a single mistake and you have to drive in ice on test.

    Reversing around a corner and a couple forms is easy in comparison.

    • Erm i am talking about the financial aspect as well. In comparison to my my country this is very complicated.

    • It cost my best friend <£100. It mostly depends on how quickly you pick it up and not the admin charge to get the license and test taken.

      I don't know where you are having to $4000 for a license. if you can't do something and have to pay to learn. This is t limited to driving but all aspects of life. It costs £30,000 to get a degree in media studies. At least you can use a driving license.