Do you believe Nationalism is a Good or Bad Thing?

Nationalism - patriotism and pride in your country.

I think a strong national identity is a good thing. multicultural is the abolition of country pride. it equally absolved you of needing to know anything about other cultures too.

I became proud of my own country and i admire when other positive countries are proud and patriotic about their cultural identity and nation.

For example the EU attempted to remove national identity from individual European countries involved in the "union" which they've succeeded in doing with Germany, Brussels and to a degree with France and the UK (although the UK and France had their cultures dissolved a bit rather than abolished like Germany). Italy for example is known to be patriotic

It protects nations against harmful ideologies that join them under the banner of multiculturalism while keeping the countries weak in defense

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  • It can be both a good and bad thing.


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  • Nationalism causes blind contempt of anything different. For example, many Americans will blindly say socialism is bad without giving any reason other than the fact that they've been told it's bad so they nlindly follow that thinking. It also affects the citezens of that countries way of thinking. The only reason it jeeps out "bad ideologies", as you put it, is because it keeps out different idealogies period, regardless of there viability ro fixing any issue the country may have. In order for a cpuntry to evolve it's people must evolve and people evolve by thinking, being exposed to different ideologies and having to make up there own mind to whoch one is virtuous. Nationalism is a vice bwcause people grow to be content with everything remaining the same and if something stays static it can not grow.


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  • Extreme nationalism is bad.


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  • I believe in me first or you die.

    How exactly does joining the EU dilute culture. this is stupid.

  • A nation is a group of tribes in essence sharing a common culture. A country is a group if nations like the UK a mongrel country.
    And what harmful ideology you talking about?

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