How do you attribute blame and fault for who you are?

Better to be honest with yourself on this issue, just vote; I don't want to hear the self-righteous or the self-incriminating nonsense. It's not noble.

  • I tend to blame others and circumstances for my actions, decisions, and lifestyle
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  • I tend to blame myself for my actions, decisions, and lifestyle
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  • My life. My decisions. Though I think that I'm luck in that respect. For instance if someone gets hit by a car and loses their legs, it's obviously the driver's fault that their life changes. In situations that truly are out of a person's control I can't fault a person for attributing their situation to others.


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  • Its all your fault!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


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  • I attribute blame between myself, circumstances and others pretty accurately when thinking rationally. However, when something happens due to my shortcomings, I tend to internally blame the things (others and circumstances) that are a direct result of that event even if the ultimate cause is my fault until I'm no longer emotional over it... just because I can.


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