How can enforcing stricter DUI laws reduce drunk drivers?

I've got to do a persuasive speech on drunk driving, and my teacher wants me to come up with 3 effective ways to stop the number of drunk drivers. So far I have installing ignition interlock devices, and enforcing stricter laws for first time offenders. My question is how can enforcing stricter laws for first time offenders reduce the number of drunk drivers?


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  • well, honestly I think it would not reduce the number of drunk drivers. The only kinda-sorta way it could is if you include a 2-year license suspension, but the whole idea is still flawed because it relies on people getting caught - the goal is to prevent people from driving drunk in the first place.

    How to do this? Well, perhaps something like a 'taxi' service, except without cars, so you essentially hire someone to drive you home in your own car. Sounds expensive, though. Hmm.. Maybe if bars limited the amount of alcohol they serve to anyone without a designated driver? Hard to say...

    • I didn't think it would reduce drunk drivers either but I need 2 ways to reduce the number of drunk drivers and can't think of anything effective!

    • well, the thing is, people are going to drink, and they are going to drive somewhere to drink. And, in order to get home, they will have to drive. It seems to me like the only solution would be to address the need to drive home. This means either providing better public transportation, or a 'designated driver' service. Neither of which seem particularly feasible. tricky..

    • Well thank you for your help anyways 😊

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  • if you make it where the punishment is bad enough people will be extra careful about not drinking and driving

  • Stricter law have never curbed offenders. But if you make things easier for him like provide driver service at the pub our wherever they are drinking at a cheap rate then it can bring down fatalities.

  • Sorry... can't help with your homework right now.


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