💓Give me one good reason why I should leave my house today?

Please, Tell me where to go!!!
((Note: I am doing all these thing alone!)) (:

  • Go for a walk/jog! (its cold outside)
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  • Stay home anyways!
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  • Go to the movies by myself... haha
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  • Walk around old town! (they are little shops and i would be just walking around)
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  • Go to the mall and with out really buying anything ! lol LOL
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  • Carmen! Go find a job and stop asking ridicules question!! kids these days!
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  • Education first before wandering around clueless and aimless figure that out first!! haha wrong answer! hahah oh... apples
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  • Your name is Carmen? Interesting!

    Go browse around random shops in town! I do that a lot, it's fun!

    • hahah! lol yeah! I need a reason to get out of my house!

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    • I'm attempting to self teach myself with anime! And that would be awesome! If that's your dream then follow it! :)

    • I don't know if its my dream and honestly i don't think i could make a living but anime is so much fun. If i leaves this world I at least want people to remember anime! lol

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  • Walk around town. You get some exercise, which I know you've been wanting to do. You also get to see the different items each store is selling. Who knows? Maybe you'll find something to buy for presents (or yourself!).

  • Carmen! Go find a job and stop asking ridicules question!! kids these days!

  • Oh my God apple, do me a favor and take a walk in the morning when its cold outside!! Those are the best. #BURNDEMCALORIES... only to gain them back the second you get home.

  • Just go for a walk it's nice out there today.

  • Chill in the coffee shops?