Do I have enough evidence on this guy?

ok- back in June i broke up with a guy - well it was a very nasty back and fourth - him pushing name calling, you name it break up. stupidly i was swooned back in briefly and peaced out.
anyway... started to kinda see a new guy on and off to get my footing really back in the game and since then (late august) i have had vandalism to vehicles. petty things, food smeared to prank calls and finally last time (the third time) key scratch.
each time there had been a run in or he made contact somehow either from another number or through friends just 12-36 hours prior.
i live in a apartment complex and did have to file a report. now, i know he has mentioned there wasa friend, a girl, who he was going back and fourth between us, that in his words would do anything he asked even requires jail.
i was deemed a tro with this and have courth Thursday. granted its really based on enough evidence and discretion of judge do you think its enough?
I have as much saved logs (call, message, text) as i could
i dunno what else i could if i can do to prove my point.


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