I always have this underlying feeling that guys only want to use me?

I always have this underlying feeling that guy only want to use me..

Is this normal? Sometimes I even feel like when im in a relationship I would have problems having sex because I the only reason he is with me to get sex.


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  • Insecurities will destroy you
    You need to get rid of this habit

    • Well I try. ..

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    • But its difficult when I haven't seriously dated anyone which is kinda the biggest sign that some likes me as a person.. I mean even my guy friend only keeps complimenting me on my looks... any advice?

    • Make new friends, talk to them
      When a person has a lot of friends they find it way easier to differentiate between emotions

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  • I'm sure that many may feel this way. Are you sure that you are not liked for other characteristics?

    • Well maybe they do, but I always assume other wise. I mean growing up I only got told how good my body looked , so I kinda learned that what people liked about me was my body.. so even if I like I guy and a part of me thinks he likes me based on actionscener I think "he doesn't really like me, he only thinks im hot"

    • You may need counseling/therapy to help you get pass this. If you don't, you may end up pushing away guys who actually like you.

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