Why can't I make the second conversation? Do people really not interested if they dont talk again?

This still happens in real life but for now im focusing on interent when i talk to (girls) ... for example if i have ann app were you can meet people to learn languages together and stuff like "hello pal" when i talk to a girl and she answers even with emojis and stuff, just to know were she's from or what she likes.. no matter how much in common we have, i met one and we have a bunch on common who likes the same things and want to learn the same language, i talked to her and stuff, but what if i wanna talk to her later or tommorow, im sure she won't say hi first. I have to say hi and start a convo witch i always always have in mind "what if she doesn't wanna talk to me or be friends at all?" (This is nothing about getting close or relationship, this is just to clear that i dont think girls wanna talk to me especially on internet) so i just dont talk to her and hope she says hi... i dont know why most girls dont text first.. i understand that girls want the guy to text first but thats just when there in a relationship... i dont want her to like me or something, you get it when i say friends right? So the problem is that i can't start another convo the next day or time coz i always think that why does she want to talk, what if she's talking to someone else or stuff , and if i do talk, im like mad and act differant


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