Guys, anybody who has the same problem with me (Facial hair question)?

Y i ALWAYS appear i have a small light moustache when i take a pic (even if i take it JUST after ma shavin session's over)... even if when i touch ma upper lip it's smooth?

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  • Hmm... I don't think I have the same problem as you do, though I think I know someone with a similar issue.

    It sounds like it has always been this way to some extent. In which case, it'd be a result of just how your lips naturally curve and the shadow comes from your nose... Creating a bit of a shadow on your upper lip. That's the most reasonable explanation I can imagine.
    This is of course assuming that isn't just stubble left over from after shaving.

    • perhaps it's stubble... but it's not shadow for sure but "grayness"... even if it's smooth when i touch it grayness is still visible... i mean...

    • Interesting. I can't even think of what it could be then. Is it like some sort of pigment change in your skin? (Probably not)

    • maybe it's coz i have rough facial hair... and i fuckin hate it... i wish i was naturally clean shaven so i couldn't go through all it...

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