How can I help him get the picture?

So here lately I've been giving a coworker of mine rides to and from work. He practically lives on the way to and from, so it being out of the way is not the problem. It's that he's to the point of almost assuming and slightly demanding that he's getting picked up/dropped off. He has a sarcastic sense of humor, so you can't tell if he's serious or not, but serious or not, it still rubs you the wrong way. He'd also want to go to his house for lunch to play video games seeing as how we get hr lunches and he lives less than a mile from our work. That's another issue.. he could trip outside of his house and land at work, but he'd still rather catch a ride. I feel like I get the vibe that he thinks walking or catching the bus is beneath him. Honestly, it's a slap in a face to me because before I drove, I caught the bus or walked any place that I needed to go. I never assumed that anyone would give me a lift anywhere. He's asked me to take him grocery shopping and now wants me to give him a lift so he could do a "little" shopping Thursday. I feel he hadn't been giving me gas money because he drew me for secret Santa at work, so I'm getting the vibe that since he got me a gift, he thinks that buys his rides. He's to the point of calling my manager to work the same shift as me to avoid walking. He seems to be doing something genuine and heartfelt at first, but after a while, you start to see his ulterior motive behind things. I've already been over this with him to where I stopped giving him rides for a while, but now it's getting back to where it was. I just need and will take any advice because he's asking for a ride tom. I'm not trying to be the bad guy or eventually loose my cool.


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  • Stop giving him rides.


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