What's the most embarrassing thing you have ever done?

Recently, I wore a dress that stopped in the middle of my thigh, and my backpack would lift it in the back so I had to be careful walking upstairs and bending over. I was almost late for class when my foot slipped and nearly scraped my whole leg on the corner of the very last stair and face planting on the ground. There was this guy right behind me and I tripped him while I was falling down and flashed him. And keep in mind that the reason why I fell was I didn't want my dress to fly up in his face. I just laughed it off.


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  • ... Slipped while in the shower with my first girlfriend... sort of almost sat on the tap and as i stood up the tap scraped a massive hunk of flesh off my back (right at the top of my arse). And suddenly the bath water is all red and she looks like she's going to puke and I realise how much blood there is, and I'm under the hot water... and my head spins and I fall on my face... and I spend about 30 mins with my arse in the air (in the hopes of reducing the bleeding) while she's holding a towel on it to stop the blood and panicing that we should go the the hospital (which would mean calling either an ambulance or my mother for a lift).

    • Oh my. . . are you okay now?

    • .. Yeah. That was like... 12 years ago. The scar is barely visable these days (or so I'm told, can't actually see back there).

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