What is a good blog idea?

I'm going to be starting my own blog. Except, I don't know what to do it about.
I don't really have a passion to blog about like others (food, movies, etc). Instead, I'd like to do something that OTHERS can contribute to. To help others. Such as those advice blogs, anonymous message submission blogs, etc.

What would be a good and different idea?


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  • do a blog on what other peoples fetishes are.


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  • maybe self esteem boost!

    • I'm so good at that naturally! But I was wondering how I could incorporate that into a blog?

    • I was thinking maybe a blog where people can submit nice things someone has said to them. Via text message, in person, etc.
      You see so many blogs where people talk about being bullied etc. I think a nice, positive blog would be a breath of fresh air for a change :)
      thinking of a blog name is the toughest part, though haha

    • oh sounds good!

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  • a funny blog/interesting news/quotes