Can a student drive to school with a permitt?

i'm getting my permit in February when i turn 16 and a moped,
i can't get a car until im 18 .. just like my sister but i can drive my moms

Anyway, when i get my permit instead of taking the dumb bus could i drive? With my moped
or do i havvveeeee to get a license?

Also my sister doesn't have her license yet but she still uses the car on her own.. and she's been pulled over twice one because she hit a sign or something

2nd because she was speeding.

anyways if i can avoid getting pulled over can i?
And trust me don't think i'm some kid on the road with no clue I've been learning how to drive since my last birthday i can drive just as well as my 18 yo sister but my mom only lets me drive an empty parking lot, so i know what im doing i won't put anyones life in danger and if i think i will i'll pull over and call my sister to come and pick me up.

My sister goes to the same school as me she's 16 can i use her to ride with me?

(My school is about 2 miles away)

  • As long as you know how to drive, and don't get caught.
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  • Don't drive alone without your license, period.
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  • Only if you're with an adult, not your sister.
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  • If your sister rides, you should be fine.
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  • The school will catch you, and report it.
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  • It's too far away, Maybe if it wasn't so far..
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  • R3ZuLTz
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  • It depends on your state laws. With mine, I was allowed to drive certain areas with a licensed person. But some might say you need a full license to carry passengers, so best to check with your state or city's law.


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  • In the state I live in you are allowed to operate a motorcycle on a permit , your not allowed to carry any passengers tho until you actually have a valid lisence. Check with your drivers lisence office rather than taking the chance

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    • No problem dude , happy motoring lol

    • Cheers lol

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  • not alone they can't!

  • Not by themselves. You have to have a licensed driver 18 and over with you.

  • In Canada I could drive with a person who has had their license for certain amount of time , while you have ur novice one.
    After you get your novice two, you can drive by yourself


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