How can I become more mature emotionally?

I can't handle being in a relationship and I can't hold down my jobs.
I've been in one "relationship" but I ended up crashing it to the ground with my mood swings
and I can't hold up a job for longer than 6 months.
I get angry/depressed very easily and I can cry very easily too.
Also I have no friends. Literally the only people I talk to is my mom and two older brothers. I don't leave my house much. Also gave up on college.
On top of it all I got diagnosed with arthritis at age 21.
I am not hopeful of the future as I fear I will be on disability or in a wheelchair by age 40.

What is wrong with me? What can I do to fix myself?


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  • Reflection is the key. I know that sounds really lame, like some guru crap. But you have to try to discover in yourself, why you respond to things the way you do, and only you can learn to change your reaction. I have a blog around this subject, and I hope it helps you in some way. It's definitely helping me. @