People act as if when I speak or come near them it annoys them:Do I seem like an annoying person?

For example, I could walk up to a group of people and say hey or smile but they will either half way acknowledge me or want say anything at all. Or if they ask me a question and I answer they tend to act as if it annoys them because I answered.
I am a person that takes things literally especially when in a professional setting. Well just wondering, why people tend to ignore me or seem annoyed by me?
I know you guys don't know me personally, but have you ever treated someone that way, if so, why?


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  • I haven't threaded others this way , but I have experienced it a few times and to be honest it pizzed me off

    • So, you understand what I mean... It does suck.

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    • I chalk it up to them being mean or jealous that they aren't getting the attention. But yes it can be hurtful at times

    • Thank you young Lady

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  • You asked the same question a month ago.

    • I don't remember, if I did, sorry to bug you. You seem annoyed by me. Lol

    • I am not annoyed at all. I think you should ignore people like that. They are not worth your time talking to. Sorry, ignore my orginal comment :)

    • I will try to ignore it bUT it does bother me. And thank you! ☺

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  • I've had that happen to I don't know. I have a serious neutral face that's what I blame it on. I have a great smile and when I go out smiling everybody is like what you smiling about? it gets annoying so I tend to stay neutral

    • It is very annoying. I have tried to look neutral. People think I look witchy when I do. Lol I can't win for losing. It so good to know other people know what I am talking about.

  • No one is annoying, no one is perfect, we are all human
    Hope this made you feel better


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