What is your best way to convince your parents to let u do what u like?

If u like to do something special but your mom and dad do not agree with u and do not allow to u to do it, how will u behave in this situation?


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  • it depends what is it?

    • If they force u to cut your relation with a guy u like because u had sex!

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    • Hahaha lol, i know it is a fucken shit.

    • So shittty!! I DON'T THINK U CAN CONVICE STUPID! no offense! I stand up for LOVE!

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  • Well that depends on what it is you are trying to do. Sometimes if it is reasonable you may be able to explain why you want to do it and ask them (respectfully) why it is they won't let you. However depending on what it is there is a good chance there is a legitimate reason they don't want you to and you should just respect it. As long as you live under your parent's roof you have to obey their rules, sorry.

    • Would u listen to them when they tell you it is not right to be in relationship with a girl if u do not have enough money to get a home or needs of future life?

    • Depends on how serious you are trying to get. If it is just a girlfriend, that is obviously very different from trying to move in with a girl. Should you be able to date? Sure! Should you try to get married, have kids, or move in with a girl at your age? Hell No!!

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