If you were stranded with your pet and had one last meal.. who gets it you or your pet?

Imagine being stranded in the grand canyon with your pet, and you're both starving
You have one meal left. If one of you eat it you might have the strength to go get help and come back to rescue the other one

But you know if you split it.. it may keep you both alive but you won't make it to get help, you'll eventually starve and won't make it.

So... Who gets that last meal? you, or your pet?

Keep in mind almost any pet is faster than most humans and can run for longer without getting tired as fast, so they could go find help faster.. and come back to save you, . . . . But What if the dog doesn't come back in time or can't find you? What if he doesn't remember his was back... What if someone see's him and thinks he needs help so they take him to a vet while you're slowly starving to death..

It would be better to go yourself right? let's think about that.

What if you eat the rest on the food, and try to come back for the dog? Sounds good right? you can go get help and tell someone your situation to come and rescue the dog? ... But what if your dog can't defend himself in the canyon... he's too weak.. he's starving.. what if you go get help and you come back to find your dog spreaded out in separate parts of the canyon?

What if he goes the other way looking for food because he can't wait any longer and you can't find him.. or if he just... starves...

Sooooo... Who gets the meal

(No cheat questions like: Eat the food and carry the dog and no eating the dog)

If you were stranded with your pet and had one last meal.. who gets it you or your pet?

  • Give it to the Dog he has a better chance, but i might die.
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  • I have a better chance, but my dog might not be there when i get back.
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  • He's Just a dog.. I go.
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  • I don't want him to die, give him the food.
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  • Split the food, knowing we won't make it, but enjoy the time we have left.
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  • Who ever gets it first...
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  • R3ZuLTz
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Most Helpful Girl

  • The only situation in which I can wrap my head around it even somewhat making sense to let your dog eat instead of you is if you know for a FACT your dog is the type that can and will bring help back to you.

    My dog is small, not too bright, and very self-centered, so feeding him would be the stupidest decision I could ever make in life. He would eat then curl up and go to sleep. Wake up with an attitude because I don't have more food for him x_x

    Seriously though, I care for animals a lot more than many people but there's a point at which love turns into stupidity and choosing to let your dog live instead of you is crossing that line.

    • Same with my dog, He eats my food and when i have no food left, eats his food in my face
      i think he knows i won't eat it... and he's small... not to bright.. so yeah. i don't even know

Most Helpful Guy

  • You could eat your pet... then you'd have *two* last meals...


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What Girls Said 7

  • No I would give up my meal for my baby lover birdie!

  • I could give it to my dog and prolong her death, but in the end I'd end up eating her most likely. Or I could eat it myself, and then my dog would die sooner... wherein I'd still probably end up eating her.

    But in the end we'll both most likely end up dead regardless.

  • Why is eating the food and carrying the dog a cheat answer? That seems like the most reasonable option. If I get tired carrying my dog and we both die, at least I tried. I voted that I would give the dog the food, but I would eat it and carry the dog because there is no reason why I wouldn't be able to do that in this situation.

    • Its really a matter of do you love your pet more than you love yourself but if i asked that question.. where's the fun in it

      In a real life situation of course you could do that if you had the strength

  • Lol all the people saying they would share it and die together. When starvation sets in there wouldn't be much debate. I love my pup but at that point it's every dog for herself.

    • i feel what you're saying... once that stomach starts growling... its a different story

  • No way. I love my dog more then anything in this world! He would have it first no matter what! I would sacrifice my life for him. He's my baby.

    • Thats loyalty but if you save your dog go you trust him to save you?

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    • Yeah sucks that we can't understand em like English or something haha! XD

    • Thatd be awesome if you could talk to your dog, man...

  • We would share it. 😔

    • Couldn't bring yourself to leave the dog?

    • ... well I don't quite understand how eating the meal and carrying my dog to safety is "cheating"? Anyone with intellect would do that, it's not cheating it's the most rational option.

      IF i give the meal to my dog... The dog would not leave my sight.. so eventually we'd both die.

  • I have a feeling my dog wouldn't try to save me.

    • I don't think mine would either he would probably go off looking for food and eat it all

What Guys Said 5

  • The hell?
    I'd split that food, id carry my dog, and id get the hell out. Id never eat a dog, and id never leave my dog alone and scared in a canyon.
    Id also never trust my dog to eat all the food and come back. Love this dog to death, but no lie, he's stupid.

  • In the Grand Canyon? Food? You need water.
    If this was to happen it would be highly unlikely I'd survive so I'd die with my bitch.

    • Yeah right after the question i this is exactly what i said..

      "Why didn't i put water?"

  • I would split it. Who knows we might just make it. At least that would be my optimistic look at it.

    • Yes it's always good to be optimistic and that attitude could get you there even if you bothe barely make it and literally have to scream for help, that attitude could do it

  • Kill the dog... Eat the dog... More food :D We're talking about survival here...

    • Yeah true... well this way there's no downfall... besides the dog

  • Ya... I think i would eat the dog.. But it takes weeks to starve to death... I can do a lot in those weeks