If a girl has an annoying voice is that a deal-breaker?

Sometimes when I'm feeling really relaxed or calm my voice sounds normal, but most of the time I have a very high voice. It can sound really childish, even squeaky if I feel a strong emotion (like excitement, panic, anger, etc.) When I hear it on video I cringe. People have always made fun of it (not meanly but just teasing/joking around).

I feel like a lot of guys would be understandably turned off by my voice.

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  • Hmmmm, if she has other things going for her I could get over it
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  • Yes, I don't want to be stuck hearing that annoying voice the rest of my life.


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  • I don't care how high it is as long as its not shrill. It has to be smooth, and soft.

    I mean, judging by your description, it doesn't sound bad. But I'd have to hear a recording to know for sure.

  • I mean it wouldn't be a point of attraction. But there's so much more to a girl then that. I'm sure your perfection to someone :)

  • Yes that would be annoying af and a big turn off


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