Would you rather pay monthly fee or one time payment?

I'm working on something would you rather pay monthly fee and get all products in one package or would you rather pay seperate?

Example A) Montly Fee) Get all products for 99$ / month
B) Pay for ONE product 20$, each new will be same price.

Please share your opinion!

  • A) Monthly Fee - for all in one products
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  • B) One Payment - for one product
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thanks for answering and sharing your opinions


Most Helpful Girl

  • One payment for one product.

    • thank you but let's say that you can get all in one products for example
      One payment is 20$ that means 5 products x 20$ = 100$
      if you pay MONTHLY payment price would be let's say 25,99$ / month for all products

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    • Possibly! Some might want the one and done method, others like to spread it out if they are on tighter incomes.

    • I agree, thanks :)

Most Helpful Guy

  • No fee at all or people die.

    • you're plain stupid - end of conversation don't have time for that.

    • You wanna go to jail tonight.

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  • I prefer once off payments. Monthly fees are very difficult for people like myself who don't have solid monthly incomes.

    • thank you Rabbit for answering, I'm working on some product... But I do agree with you so I need to do little research what do people prefer I really like monthly payment, but I do agree that people who don't have solid monthly income won't be interested in that.

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