Hey can you name some examples for an ethical problem?

Such as
is it okay to kill a tyrant...
i need some good ones


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  • Can docters lie in order to make a patient better or for the placebo effect?
    Is it okay to manipulate DNA from plants in order to protect tyhem against deseases and to make them better for selling?(such as colour etc)
    a step further: is it okay to manipulate DNA of an embryo to make sure it has not got any critical diseases?


    • Very good

    • The publishers of many scientific journals receive articles from scientists for publication. The scientists were paid with public funds. The publishers then send the articles out to other scientists who fact check the articles for free. Many of those scientists work for the public. The publishers then take these free articles written using public funds and fact checked for free and put them on their website. Then they charge the institutions that need them huge amounts of money.

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  • Well there's always the trolley problem. Google it.

    • I will thanks

    • The district attorney's who were supposed to press charges in the police shooting of that black guy down south subverted the grand jury process.

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  • If animals could talk, would we still eat them?

  • A subject that could be considered both highly ethical and unethical is assisted suicide. It's a really good subject to debate it's a bit easier to argue for although

    • Yeah that's right I already tho about it but thanks

    • It's a pretty common topic I suppose, hmm I don't know maybe you could debate something like the hijab as that has been a heated subject lately. From an ethical standpoint it's about freedom and oppression

    • Oh Sounds also good.

  • How to control overpopulation. Kill people off. Limit births. What happens to people who do exceed their birth limit.

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