How the hell could I stop person to do this?

Ok so I have a friend of mine who never behaves as friend. We are doing softeware course. He is good in software skills. But I just fucking dont know how does he hack my facebook account and access my stuff like in few minutes. And the worst part is that he does not require password at all. I change my password from time to time. but it does not stop him from doing it.
He has knowledge of java script
also he has some new operating system called KALI LINUX,[which is supposed to be used for hacking stuff or getting access to someone's private data]
Is there any way one can get access to someones private facebook page without toug=ching password?
maybe by making some changing java scrript of that page?
I just desperately wanna know please only technical answers will be appreciated////thank you


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  • First of all you can't get into someone's Facebook with JavaScript. He most likely has some way he finds your passwords or possibly he has somehow hacked Facebook which seems really unlikely

    • no bro he actually had hacked my account quite a few times.

      We guess we can hack it with making few changes in java script [which you can do by doing rightclick and going to inspect element ]...
      as he has no clue about my password and he does not even require any password at all.

    • It has to be on your computer then so don't let him touch it

    • No he has done it his pc

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  • There are so many ways to get in that I can't even list them, but the simplest would be to put a keylogger on your computer.

  • Beat him up or delete any software he might have downloaded on your pc.