I don't know why so many people don't give me eye contact. I feel like they know something not true about me & hate me. Why do people act like this?

I don't understand the no eye contact. guys have a hard time giving me eye contact when they talk to me but girls do it do but the girls do it differently cuz they act like they hate me. I haven't done anything to them some of them I barely know. I don't understand it. Girls always make comments about how I look even nicknaming Barbie. I hate it. It hurts all I ever am is nice to them cuz I know I'm not beautiful or even as close to how beautiful other girls are. I never seen myself that way because of the way I was raised I thought emotional abuse was normal so I let my last boyfriend take advantage of that. I try to be loving and kind and see the good in everyone. Everyone has there own story, there own past. I don't judge. I just wish I could be treated the same way in return.


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