Girls, guys, in these days of climate conferences in and around Paris: how green is your way of life?

Do you sometimes leave the car in the garage and take public transport, or even better: your bicycle? Or go by foot if the destination is nearby?
Would you consider putting solar panels on your roof, or buying an electric car?
There are plenty more options to produce less CO2... do you apply any in your life?

  • I love to blow the atmosphere full of CO2... gimme a big thirsty car!
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  • I don't do efforts, I just don't care
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  • When possible, I do efforts
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  • I'm a green machine!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I thunk, unintentionally, I'm a green machine... Always go on foot everywhere.
    Unless it's really far away - more than 3 hours walking - then I take the bus...

    • That's the good example Sally :D
      And it's good for your health as well!
      I like to go by foot as well, I even need it to relax.

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    • Green machines always get the MH haha :D

    • Haha Thank you =)

Most Helpful Guy

  • We recycle in 4 different waste bins, have electrical heating in the other apt. Our car is a small one, but we don't use it often: I take public transport when possible.

    • We have 4 bins as well: paper, cans/cartons from beverages, plastic and the fourth one for "all the rest".
      And whenever we have a quantity of "green waste" (grass, leaves, old plants,...) it also gets recycled.
      With a 3 person family we hardly have 1 garbage bag per 2 weeks. Rather less.

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What Girls Said 3

  • I have to go everywhere using public transport. I wouldn't mind it, but public transport sucks in my city. I want to use my bike to go around the city but I'm reluctant because we have a lot of traffic and very few roads for bikes. Solar panels cost too much, and when you live in a flat it's difficult to get everyone to agree. We also use natural gas for heat.

    • Here in Belgium public transport is fairly well developed, with train lines between many cities and busses all over the country. Plus an underground or trams in the largest cities.
      One setback: they're addicted to labour strikes :-(
      Subsidies for solar panels have decreased here as well so same problem: they became expensive.
      And we heat our flat with natural gas as well, and it's fairly new so well insulated. An economic and fairly green way of heating :D

  • I try to stay as green as possible. When I buy groceries, I use my own reusable bags. I also make my own cleaning products and personal care products from organic materials. I do not use Keurigs or Styrofoam. If I'm at a restaurant and the waiter asks me if I need a to-go container, I first ask if that container is Styrofoam. If the answer is yes, then I decline.

    • Oh wow, with a billion Pooper89's the world would be free of global warming and pollution :D
      Haha I can see the waiter think "oh my god, what to do or say, HELP!" 8)

  • Where I live in northern Canada an electric car is not of much use. It's 3-6 hrs drive to the closest cities. As for public transit there is none & the small town nearby is to far to walk in the dead of winter.

    • Haha yeah you live in a different world compared to mine :D
      Here the next town is a few miles away... somtimes 2 communities are just a mile from each other.
      You can do everything by bicycle when the weather is nice!

    • When I was a teen I used to do everything on my bike.

    • Me too! Bike or by foot :D

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