Any paranormal experiences? Wanna share your story?


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  • I had one bu I refuse to believe there isn't a rational explanation for what happened. I had just gotten into bed and I was in my normal position (arm over eyes laying on my back). I was wide awake and had hardly just laid down. I heard the door swing open which is very strange because I am fairly OCD about having the door open, but I thought nothing of it, other than the irritating idea of the door being left ajar! I then heard soft foot steps approaching me, suspecting it was my mother. I decided to pretend I was asleep so I did not move. As I "felt" her bend over, I expected a kiss, yet all that I could feel was hot breath on my face and hand. At this point I figured "Ah, this must just be Night (my dog)," but when I didn't feel a lick shortly after I finally had decided to raise my arm... Of course, nothing was there, and it scared the living SHIT out of me. I grabbed my blankets and jumped into the corner, my heart pounding like a jackhammer.

    I reminded myself that there is no such thing as paranormal activity, and I went back to be shortly after.

    • Thats scary and I hope that nothing will happen to you after this !

    • Nothing will. There is no such thing as the paranormal. It is all in our heads.

    • UFOs aren't even paranormal though. They would be consistent with the laws of the known universe.

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  • Nope, that's why I'm still kinda skeptical about that stuff.


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  • No, I don't have any.

  • I once saw a UFO. I found out later that it was actually a new, top-secret military aircraft. A nuclear-powered drone, completely silent and capable of incredible maneuvers.

    • They always say that it's a top-secret military aircraft just to not scare people but for real it's a UFO

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  • Oh yes.
    First off, I live in a town where they milk tourist money on ghost hunts and such since it's a place where many people have died. So there's ghosts.
    -I worked in a gift shop of the visitor center in my town and we have a ghost we call Jackson. Because he knocks down the Stonewall Jackson busts every so often. Things have also just flew off the shelf sometimes too.
    -my grandmother's house is on some of the battleground. One summer I lived there and I couldn't help the feeling of being watched. I also heard footsteps through the house sometimes.
    -my aunt works for a souvenir company and has gotten locked in a basement of a civil war sight and she was the only one there. The air got cold and the meat chains swung for a few minutes before it started to settle down and she could get out.

    -unrelated: my other grandparent's home is haunted, though it's in another town. When my mom grew up it would sit on her while she slept, stand in her doorway, spray perfume that she didn't have, turn on and off the tv, scare her dog, and on one instance she came home and heard heavy breathing in her face from the doorway. She left and didn't go home until her parents arrived.
    My youngest sister encountered the breathing when she was younger in the bathroom. She would refuse to use it for a week.
    My other sister and I think we've seen the ghost. We used to stay overnight a lot and sleep in their living room on an air mattress. One night we woke up, strangely at the same time, and saw a bright figure in the doorway. It moved really fast from the doorway, through my sister, and vanished up the stairs. We went back to sleep not thinking much of it, only to figure out it really happened.

    ... and those are my stories.

    • OH what is the name of your town? And I hope nothing bad will happen to you !

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    • Pennsylvanie? YES I used to watch so many videos like ghost adventures and others... It's really scary there

    • It's a very nice town, I've lived there all my life. The tourism gets crazy in the summer but it's beautiful and very much so worth a visit if you ever get the chance! Another benefit to living there is during the summer my family and I like going "ghost hunting" by going around the battlefield and taking pictures to find orbs. We've actually captured half a face on one before! Interestingly it was in an opening of a rock where my sister took a picture on a whim.

  • A few years ago I was in my parents room and I was walking out of the bathroom down the hall and I saw someone sitting in their chair smiling at me.

    Also, when I was 5, I went downstairs to my mom, who was sitting in the front room. It was night time by the way. I started jumping on the couch look into the dining room, as I was jumping I saw a face in the china cabinet.

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