Why did he delete me from facebook?

So earlier this year i "did somehing" with this guy, and what i mean by that is that i met this guy, i really liked him and though he liked me, but we never went on dates, but we talked almost everyday. So we werent dating, and we werent friends, i dont know what we were.

Anyway, the last week before after we had talked almost everyday i stoped responding hismessages because ias sick of not knowing and it was obvious he wanst serious about me (hence i didn't feel he deserved an explaination).

He did not like that he started messaging me a lot, he even called me at one point (we had never talked on the phone before): but i finally answered him again because i wanted to go out and he asked me i was going to this event.

So we went with his friends, after that we went to my place, fooled around a little ( i was fully clothed), and he kept asking about why i dint answer him ( didn't answer him) and i asked why he called me and he said "i dont know". After that time we didn't speak before 3 months when he messaged me out of noe where asking me how i was, i acted very cold and uninterested.. and when i checked his profile some days or week later he had deleted me.

I got a bit offended to be honest, why did he do that?



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  • He is prob pissed that you aren't giving him as much attention anymore.