How small is a 1,200 square foot home?

I know it's small, but is it tiny?

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  • Depends on the age and location of the house. In much of the US (but not all), during the high growth of the suburbs during the 50s and 60s, 1000-1200 ft would be fairly typical. Over the decades new houses have gotten larger. By the late 70s and early 80s, they were pushing 2000+.

    I framed about 50-60 houses in California during the late 80s - early 90s. Those were in a nice rich area and most were 2500-4000 ft. However, as far as I'm concerned, those houses had a LOT of wasted space. Much of the space was larger size rooms rather than more rooms. The size of some of those rooms was ridiculous in my opinion.

    Anyway, 1200 is plenty big enough for someone single, and families. The vast majority of us baby boomers grew up in houses that size or smaller. At 1200 you will probably have 3 bedrooms that are approx 10*10 to 12*12, with a master bedroom a little larger. One bathroom, maybe two. Decent size kitchen and dining room. Plenty big enough living room. Maybe a garage and basement.

    • I should also note something important. Having framed a lot of houses, I know that the "feel' for the size of a house varies dramatically. A 1500 sq ft house can feel larger than a 2500 sq ft. The layout and use of space makes a huge difference. So bottom line is that you really need to see the house from the inside. Walk around and imagine traffic patterns, how you'll use the house, placement of furniture, etc. Usually there will be a house that really stands out, and you might not even be able to identify why.

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    • Built in the 50s.

    • 1200 is probably below average for Orange County. But it's still big enough for you. If you are buying, then a 2-bedroom might be harder to sell when it comes time for that.

      Here's a couple of houses in that size range.

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