Omg when will my ex best friend get the message?

When I look at the block stuff on my Kik and I see my ex bff sending hey 4 different times. After what she did for 7yrs of our friendship... how am I suppose to forgive feeling so much pain from the past? Betrayed, lied, humiliated me, even ruined my 8th grade for me... Threatened me, why... can't she take the message? Thinking I'm so sweet like I'm gonna let her back in my life and destroy me again?


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  • Just tell her straight up that you don't see a friendship happening. I've had toxic friendships and let me tell you, you just need to be direct and tell them that you never see anything happening in the future. Don't be mean or hurtful, but don't sugarcoat it either. Good Luck!

    • I did that before. But she continues doing it. She asked hoping to be friends but I told her it's not possible. She asked with a sad face and I told her I just grew apart from my friends. She expect to be friends on fb

    • just keep her blocked on social media

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  • Just keep ignoring her she will eventually get the message that you through with her

    • Jesus, when will she get the message? It's been a little over a year. Is she obsesse with me or have a crush on me? I'm pretty sure she's jealous of me that's for sure.

    • Maybe she thinks time has healed the wounds between you two

    • I'm clearly through her I don't know bout her since she sent like 4 text since October through September 25

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