Could I be having bouts of minor depression?

I've always been a super happy person with a positive outlook. Ever since I graduated school a few months ago I've had continuous periods of sadness that keep waxing and waning. Like, I have and recognize the happy moments and times I've had since then, but there's like a cloud that hover in the back of my mind. When I'm around people I forget about it and go back to being my normal self, but whenever I'm alone the cloud starts raining again. Everything feels pointless. I don't want to die but my existence feels bleak.

One of my closest friends stopped talking to me for no reason after graduation so that could have been the cause of this. I also have felt a lot of pressure since graduation. I've accomplished other important goals since then but I still don't have a job so a lot of my time is spent with nothing to do.

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  • sounds like bouts of minor depression, but under the circumstances, you'd be understandably kind of bleak feeling. i would say that if it continues or it worsens it's defiantly depression. i kinda deal with it, and i find that the best way to combat it is by remembering that even if it seems bad at the moment it'll be better sooner or later. and try to occupy myself with something. such as reading books, playing with my dog, and physical activity. i do karate 2x a week, for 2.5 h each and walk my dog once a day (my dad does her other walk); and i find that physical activity really helps me to clear my head, and focus something that's pretty basic and positive. it also tires you out so you sleep better. i also really enjoy anime, and it gives me a lot of comfort when i feel depressed because it can really reach you at a emotional level. sometimes you just have to ride out the slump.

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