I have HOME WORK about Night Clubs its mean bars. Can u help me?

Can u guys explain about night clubs with long sentences like how turn on girls or how to picking up girls or alcohol prices everything. Plase share your experiences and stories with me. Pls help meee im not good at English

Please Tell me everything about in bar since join bar to the leaved from bar.
C'mon guys help me please!!!


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  • Lol. Home work. Right. Is it for PUA? ;D

    I will tell you about a time that a guy really impressed me at a party so much that I considered losing my virginity in a one night stand. Maybe should have done it because I wouldn't have regret it, I think.

    The first thing that I do at any party is walk in, take a few shots, and head to the dance floor, scoping for hot guys the time I'm there. It's as simple as having them give me their number, dancing with them, or tonguing them.

    As soon as I walk into this party, I see this hot dude taking shots near the kitchen. I zoned in on him immediately because he had muscles, tattoos and a nice face. I purposely made my way to him NOT paying attention to him while taking shots without chasers... right next to him.

    I then head to the dance floor, making sure I move to his line of sight (he was leaning against a wall with some friends). This is what impressed me about the guy----he WALKS up to me, puts his lips to my ear, tells me that he wants to talk to me, and tries to pull me off the dance floor.

    ... Of course "You're a Jerk" came on and I had to tell him no, because I wanted to jerk. After that song was over, he approached again. Long story short, hot guy picked me up, pinned me to the wall with his tongue down my throat (tasting like beer... which is now a little quirk of mine. I like when guys taste like beer). He then wanted to take me back to his place.

    I was 19 at the time and everything in my body was screaming YES... because this dude impressed me so much. I love confident guys who walk up and tell you what they want. But I couldn't say yes to him---because I might have regretted it losing it in such a way. Maybe.

    Another lesson is if you can "follow" me when I dance. I switch moves often, and if any guy can aptly "follow" me, I'm impressed. I like dudes who know how to dance and take control.

    The lesson: Be confident. Walk up to the girl. Buy her a drink if you have to and talk to her. Know how to dance.

    ... That's for me anyway.

    • Thank uuu i really appreciate it :)

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  • full of fugs. last hot girl was probably Russian or some such.

    • super tall.

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    • when i was in my country i can go clubs everywhere but in usa i have to be 21 and i can't go fuck the system

    • yet they're still obese. so stupid.

      Where are you from