Should I get him something for Christmas?

I don't celebrate Christmas but the guy im seeing does. Should i get him something or not? If yes what should i get him?
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  • Get yourself some really sexy underwear and tell him its for him... He will love them


Most Helpful Girl

  • Sure, it would be a nice gesture from you if you did. It doesn't have to be something big, just something thoughtful.

    I don't know what your guy likes, but if he likes a type of food, say chocolate chip cookies you can bake him that, put it in Tupperware and put a bow on top of the lid.

    If he has hinted that he really likes something (that's in a reasonable price range for you), you can get him that. Honestly, Christmas is about sharing and caring... not just getting the best gift. Whatever you do that is thoughtful would be great. :)


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  • Get him something, I am sure he'd appreciate it :)
    Hmmmm, you can get him a watch, video games or new clothes. I am not sure about what else..


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