What can I use as an ediable stick?

I am making a cookie basket for Christmas and would like to find a stick that I can bake with my cookies at 325 degrees for 15-18 minutes that is 100% edible. Any ideas or helpful hints?


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  • How long does said stick need to be? Obviously it has to fit in the oven

    • Not very long. Maybe an inch or more

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    • No problem. Trying it next week :)

    • Got my fingers crossed

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  • Cinnamon comes in sticks.

    Also, not sure how they would hold up but those candy straws?

    Toothpicks (wooden) are routinely used in baking.

    • Never thought of cinnamon sticks (have to look into that, thank you)

      Candy straws won't work the candy will melt and possibly burn in the oven

      Toothpicks are not edible and I would love for it to be (but pack up plan if can't find something edible)

  • Pretzel sticks?

    • Thats what I thought as well but everyone keeps telling me they willbe too hard to eat after I take them out of the oven.

    • You could always get some pretzel dough and partially bake them, then when you put them in the oven with everything else it'll just continue to bake. I'm not entirely sure on that theory though.

    • Yeah that will have to be something to try.

  • maybe toothpicks? but why edible?

    • Toothpicks are not edible (but it is my back up plan if I can't find something edible)

      Becuase giving it to kids as well and I just prefer if everything was edible (but can't do the baskets or the clear wrap edible.

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    • Thanks but that small straw is not going to edible so at that point why bother with the preztle?

    • hahaha... all i know for sure is i would make cookies! lol

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