Anyone else really hate the Christmas season?

I’ve not had a proper Christmas for at least 5 years, probably longer. My parents have been separated for a long time now, and there are always arguments regarding which parent we spend Christmas day with. we try to compromise by spending the morning with one of them and the evening with the other, but one of them will always feel left out and get upset.

we’ve tried spending the whole day with my mum Christmas eve, and then my dad Christmas day but again one of them will be on their own Christmas day. God forbid they try to be civil and spend Christmas day together, it’s just never going to happen.

it’s gotten to the point that we've not bothered with decorations for at least 6 years now, and Christmas day is a depressing pile of shit with everyone just going through the motions and no one really wanting to be there.

It’s so depressing. You constantly have all this happiness shoved in your face and you just can’t escape it. So much hype, when in reality it’s all bullshit.

Honestly the next person to say "only x number of sleeps till xmas" is going to get punched i the face lol. I know it could be worse, but I really do hate Christmas and cannot wait until it’s all over.


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  • I used to be one of those people who really enjoyed Christmas. I would bake Christmas cookies, count down the sleeps till the big day and enjoy spending it with my family.

    But this year has just been so hard that it's sucked the joy out of the holidays for me. I definitely have been depressed the last little while. Mostly the past week and it's getting worse every day. I know it will pass once the holidays are over. But it's still hard.

    I'm single, and most of my friends are married with kids. So it's a very exciting time for them. I've actually had to hold back tears several times while hearing Christmas songs on the radio. Sometimes having all that happiness flung into your face, while you are having a hard time is a tough pill to swallow.

    I'm happy for all of my friends, don't get me wrong there. I'm glad they have families and are happy. But I just wish I could have a piece of that too. I'm lucky that my parents are alive and I can spend Christmas with them. I know some who aren't so lucky.

    But it's still hard. I found out my SO was cheating and it really devastated me. I'm trying to find someone, but it just is so hard :( This time of year makes it even harder, because I know when I go onto FB there is going to be Christmas Proposals and stuff. It just puts it into perspective for me that I am still single and by myself for the most part.

    I work really hard, and this year has been really tough. I just want things to get better. I hate to admit it, because people always say it's not good to say bad things or to dwell on the bad. But honestly sometimes you just have to be honest with yourself and say that this sucks right now.


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  • I'm there for ya, I'm not happy about this Christmas at all, I won't decorate either, I'm the parent in this situation and it will be first for me not spending together , I'll probably get the kids in the evening after she has them in the morning which to me was the best time for Christmas


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  • My parents are divorced too. We have this arrangement where my sister and I spend the morning with mom and the evening with dad. It works out for us at least.

    • it doesn't work for us because neither of them have anyone else to spend the evening with. because they can't be civil and spend the day under the same roof one of them will always be on their own

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