What career is hardest for somebody who is starting their bachelors at the age of 30 years old?

a) Medical school?
b) Business School?
c) Law School?

I am doing a double major in chemistry and economics so I could potentially apply to all of these schools after I graduate. I just don't want schools to discriminate against me based on age and I don't want to invest in a career that will only last me a small period of time.

What should I study?


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  • Med school clearly, too long


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  • Business will take the least amount of time, and cost less.

  • medical school is the hardest. you'll be 34 when you start med school, 38 when you graduate, 41 when you finish residency... meanwhile the interest will be piling up on your loans... possible 200k+ in debt.

    i will say that medical schools are becoming more open-minded towards older candidates... but you have to do clinical and non-clinical volunteering, have leadership positions, do so bench-based research, get at least 5-6 letters of recommendation... it is not an easy path. less than half of who apply get accepted.