Whats the difference between was and have?

Whats the difference between I have been intimate with someone, and I was intimate with somone?


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  • "I have been" = present perfect
    "I was" = past continuous

    The first means that you have been intimate with someone at an unknown time. The second means that you were intimate with someone until that stopped.

    • This one makes most sense to me.

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    • It means up until this point, the person has not been with anyone. Awhile could be any amount of time seeing that "awhile" isn't specific enough.

    • Thank you very much. You were very helpful. :)

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  • have- still currently (present)
    was- past tense

    • Thank you for MH

    • And also when this person says. It been a while since I have been with someone. How long is a while.

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  • Interesting, have to me means yes and still am, while was means purely past tense. I don't know I was never good with proper English even though its my only language


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  • Well here is an example: "I have an old grandma." "I was an old grandma." "There was a man." "There have a man." "Where have you been?" "Where was you been?"

    Get it?

    • So witch one speaks about the past and the other speaks about the happen now?

    • Well, one of them is possessive and speaks of past and present, while the other is past tense and can be talking about anything or anyone.