Why Do Women Seem To Follow The Same Trends When Looking For The Ideal Man?

This sounds funny... but this is something I noticed. It's like... women follow each other XD XD! When I talk to women or you see their dating profile, it's typically the same:

-They like sapiosexuals
-They like men with beards
-They like men with tattoos
-They like men with comb over hair

Basically... guys like this:

Why Do Women Seem To Follow The Same Trends When Looking For The Ideal Man?It seems like every girl seems to like the same type of guy.


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  • Ew nah lmbo
    I don't know what kind of girls those are, but I can safely assure you that not every girl wants a man that looks like that. That right there is disgusting to me.


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  • Yea so you are correct, most women do go for a certain type of guy, but seriously? This is not that type, that guy isn't even good looking, most women dont even like tattoos. I guarantee between 60 and 80% of women will have following guy as their ideal guy though: Guy between 5'6 and 6'2, who is in shape but not ripped, with slight stubble or clean shaven (not a full beard), Funny (this is the biggest thing), who is also very confident, he doesn't have tattoos, or piercings, and dresses well enough.

    As I said the overwhelming majority of women would date that guy right there. Sometimes I feel like women are a broken record "Personality is everything" I've heard that one a thousand times, they dont realize that saying "personality" doesn't answer the question. Personality is not something that you have or you dont have, its subjective, and its based off of hundreds of different facets of a person (maturity, outgoingness, humor, intelligence, social skills, to name a few), that is just a terrible way to answer a question, but I guarantee if you ask the question "Women would you date a guy with a great personality even if you didn't know what he looked like" 90+ percent of them would say yes, because they all think similarly.

    • Lately... it seems like women have been saying the same exact thing:

      -We like men who are over 6 feet
      -We like men with tattoos
      -We like men with beards
      -We like men with muscles
      -We like men who are sapiosexuals (one girl started saying this and now all of them do)
      -We like men who have combovers

      These are the top things women have been saying recently... especially the one about being a sapiosexual, beards, tattoos

    • www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1722168-girls-what-are-your-facial-hair-preferences-when-it-comes-to-guys



      Sorry but your delusional about the facial hair and tattoos. The facial hair the majority of women DO NOT like to see full beards, and for the tattoos its more evenly split, which means around 50% of women DO NOT LIKE TATTOOS. I dont know what kind of women you are talking to but according to these polls of more then 50 women each, your conclusions are just wrong. The height and muscles are more in line, but its actually hilarious that you think women like men with tattoos and beards given the evidence isn't in favor of that assumption.

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  • You were right about one thing... they all Gotta have a Type in and a lot of cases... those types are who they want because someone else they know or have seen have that type and it SEEMS to be going ok.
    I think guys know the ideal girl for them way before women know their ideal guy... they are still buried in "types" and "lists"...
    Guys know who they need but go for who they want and girls know who they want... and totally ignore those they need... sad really.