How strange that Turkey takes in the most refugees and is also buying oil from the ISIS?

They are helping the very brutes who are savagely murdering and killing scores of people making so many flee abroad.


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  • The EU has much debt that it is willing to take in refugees for debt to decrease. Turkey pays EU significant amounts of money for it. But Turkey double wins because they get oil from ISIS and ISIS (supported by Turkey and who else needs oil... US) push refugees from it more to Europe maybe for religion, rivalry, distabilize it, or any reason. EU knows this but it thinks this will pay large amounts of the debt, keeping the EU intact so far hoping the immigration problems does not reach it on time.

    So it is not strange. It is very common. Basically... oil.


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  • I've always believed that the Turks are 2 faced bastards.

  • Why is it strange? They're both muslims. Islam has the same basic teachings.