Why are some black people so bitter?

I see this a lot on Tumblr. Some black people support black rights but try to bring others down. They hate ALL white people. They don't even recognize white abolitionists in history and when I tell them not everyone was racist, they act like I'm telling them to be grateful and shut up and they act trashy. I'm not doing that. They make up stuff like ''reverse racism''-like you can only be oppressed if you're non-white. There's no REVERSE racism, racism is not exclusive to whites. There's just racism. And they're being racist against White Americans. Okay, your people have been kidnapped from Africa, held in slavery for 200 years, got treated like trash for another 99, and just got their rights in the 60's but that doesn't give you the right to talk shit about people. They're always victimizing themselves.

Even the phrase ''reverse'' racism show they think themselves as the victim.


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  • I tend to steer clear of those people, they're racist scum and I laugh at them and their saltiness. Fuck all the racists in the world, the morans!


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  • Not everything is about you. Not everything is about your feelings, your perception, and your realm of understanding. The actual reality of unique individual's existences is not a direct reflection of what you are feeling inside.

    What I see in this post is a racially illiterate, racially oblivious, small-minded, mediocre form of thinking. You do not seem to be very enlightened and have an in-depth insight about the ripple effect of slavery and systematic racism which is why this whiny rant makes logical sense to you. Your lack of empathy is really disgusting. I think you should worry less about what's going on inside of random black people and more about what's going on inside of you.

    • Well, I would like to hear your answer to this question instead of your opinion about me.

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    • @Asker I'm not perfect and I don't always get it right but it is possible to tactfully disagree or humble yourself for long enough to see the extent of where someone is coming from. It's great that we were able to sit down and have a legitimate, open, honest heart to heart about this issue.

    • I agree. There's no need to be aggressive with each other. Though some people are just... ugh. I was watching this


      the other day (I had just finished Night by Elie Wiesel) and it was horrifying to me how people reacted positively to this speech - both back in 30/40's when he gave the speech, and the comments section now in the 2010's. People praising him and wishing something like the holocaust happens to the Muslims in Europe. I'll never understand how they think.

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  • You could have left the "black people" off your original question and actually not sounded like such a racist, lol. Try looking at the whole world instead of just your world.


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  • It's because they're racist. You can't talk sense into a person who's racist.

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