Do some people still believe there are free stuff?

For instance way back in 2012, when my older cousin was 5 months pregnant she received a random called from this ''All About the Baby'' company. She remembered signing in for Gerber but not that company but still went along with it after getting told by a lady sales rep that she would get free baby stuff (I already told her that it's probably a scam and to hang up but she wouldn't listen). Little did she know this was actually a long survey.

I grabbed the phone just in case she gets scammed. All of the sudden after 4-5 ''free worthless coupon offers'', the lady was asking her for her SS number, which off course my cousin said nope, that she doesn't give private info. Then the next offer was apparently a club saving and already the lady was asking for a credit/debit card. My cousin obviously wasn't interest in getting charged once again said no, she doesn't give private infor. From then on, the next free offers had nothing to do with the baby and by then my cousin had enough and hung up.

She was 25 at the time but even when I was in my freshman yr of HS, I didn't believe in that ''it's free'' BS. Nothng is free. Probably only going to church and charity.
and she never got her free cupons but rather calls from other companies and junk emails.


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  • There are so many scams going on with "free" products or "free samples". A nasty one in the UK is accepting an offer of a free sample, without reading the small print, and then finding you have fallen into a recurring charge situation. You are charged monthly, at well over the true value, for some product you don't want.

  • no, free stuff always comes with a catch

    • I knew that when she answered that call. Then at the end, it's when she told me ''you were right, it's a scam''. The only thing she ever received from answering that call is getting bombarded with more calls from other sales company for the next following days and junk emails.

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