Why did this girl do this and react this way?

i was hanging out with 2 girls. One girl and i got into an argument last week and have not really spoken to each other but i did speak with her while were all eating out. So everything was normal and i was speaking to the other girl more. The other girl also gave me a ride back home. Now the girl that i got into an argument with, after everything was done texted me. "wow so you talk to her but not me, you could have gotten a ride with me too you know".

What was that all about?



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  • She's jealous. And also impatient to make up. She's upset that you guys are not talking and feeling uncomfortable. She was hoping you'd make a move, but clearly you didn't. I don't know if she's seeking an apology and blames you for the argument, but that's a possibility.
    That would be my best guess.

    She may or may not like you. That's not defined.
    If she likes you, she's really annoyed that you're giving attention to someone else more than her and not bothered with making up with her.

    If she's just a friend but who dislikes fighting, she's really uncomfortable. She's insecure whether you're carrying a grudge still after a week, and wants to know if you both can be on good terms again. Seeing you talking to everyone but her properly, she's miffed.

    But yeah, she's a bit on attack mode at the moment.

    • she always touches me and teases me. The other girl i have noticed in the past she did not like her. Like i mean she would always talk to me behind her back and comare her, to the girl

      i dont think what i said was wrong in the argument we had.

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    • i will start talking to her more again and see

    • good luck! :)

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