What would you do if a sudden desire for defecation occurred the moment you were waiting for your food order to arrive?

Did it ever happen to u btw?

Oh shit…. it happened today…. i had to wait for ma order first so I can go to da toilet after…. i was almost gonna xplode…argh..

There’s nothing worse when u wanna go to shit but u can’t….

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  • It didn't happen like that lol

    There's a place called xplor here, the buffet is amazing so you can eat as much as you can and fill your stomach with anything you want. I ate a lot so I really needed to go to the bathroom but there was so many food that I couldn't go lol I kept eating until I couldn't take it anymore haha

    And guess what? I was wearing a bikini!!! Hahahaha my belly was about to explode.

    I don't know how but the need of going to the bathroom disappeared and that's how I kept eating.

    • gee... how u didn't puke?

      i puked today after eatin lots of food but i was really hungry af and didn't realised i was stuffed... but even if i'm stuffed i hate throwin away food... it's a pity... so i force maself to finish it...

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    • i said i hate to throw away food not puke...

      many people throw away their food if they don't eat it all... it's really a pity isn't it?

    • Oh lol fail XD @yumix my gag fail!! Hahaha

      Yeah of course, it's a shame 😭😭

Most Helpful Guy

  • It happened once or twice... but waiting to go to piss when you can't is even worse :P

    • it's easier to hold yer pee than yer shit... pee turns into an erection actually...

    • I know, but it's not healthy for the bladder...

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  • I have mine timed.

  • You did hide that in the title quite well. How many more clues?