How to determine my voice volume?

I'm a shy and quiet person, and have been my whole life. So when I try to speak in a normal volume, it sounds like I'm yelling because I'm so much closer to my ears. I don't want to yell, but it's hard to know if I am because even casual talk sounds loud to me, being as close to me as I am.
I need to stop being such a quiet man, but I'm always scared of accidentally yelling when I try...


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  • Accidently yelling isn't as bad as it sounds. Pun? It might come off as funny and bring you closer to someone because they also feel such embarrassment. I'd focus more on who you don't want to appear silly in front of. Like my boss or the weird guy who follows me blurting out things I did as if they're questions.

    Sorry I feel like it's arbitrary information. Especially since I'm naturally shy but break through that by being loud, energetic and stupid. So I may not deal with the same thing at all.


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