Why would she rather greet Church Carolers than go to this holiday work event where she can network and meet some key people?

She's my best friend, but I don't understand where her priorities are sometimes. I work as an intern at a really good company that is the kind of place we'd both really want to work at full-time someday, once we're done with school. I have a plus one to their holiday gala, and since my boyfriend's out of town, I asked if she wanted to come with me. Her response was "I don't know, church carolers might be coming over that night."

I mean, really? They come every year and will probably come again this year itself - this kind of opportunity does not. I guess I'm just disappointed she's not taking advantage of it. There is no way I would miss it.


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  • Like you said. Priorities. I'd spell it out to her. God will love her no matter what. Her boss will not.


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  • Her values are different than yours. Not better or worse just different


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