Scared asf to get on a airplane?

its my first time getting on a plane and I'm 16 and getting on a plane with my best friend to go visit family out of state and I'm hella scared I don't know what to do I'm leaving after Christmas for winter break and I don't know what's allowed on the carry on what if there's a terriost attack or the plane crashes 😭😭 I'm just scared and nervous and exited any tips on what to do


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  • Relax. The odds of you being in a crash or terrorist attack is miniscule. You have a better chance of winning the lottery. At any given time there are 7,000 planes in the air and 40,000 flights a day. Very very low chance. Relax. Its safer than driving mile per mile.


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  • Okay. Stop. Take a deep breathe and let's talk about exactly what you're worried about.

    You said you weren't sure about what you can carry on right? That's super easy to take care of! Just go to your airline's website and look for their carry on restrictions.

    Next let's look at the terrorist issue. First of all it's *incredibly* unlikely to happen. You're actually more likely to be killed by a vending machine several times over than be involved in a terrorist attempt, let alone die in one. You're actually more likely to win the lottery too!

    The plane is also very unlikely to crash. I personally feel good about these numbers

    Feel better?

    • Omg thank you ya I feel better I'm just scared cuz it's my first time

    • No worries! It's honestly really fun to fly! Once you get through security it's all super easy :)