Do people all look the same to you?

I have a thing called Prosopagnosia, commonly referred to as face blindness (not that it's referred to at all ever) I can't be buggered explaining it so you'll have to look it up.

Basically i I have trouble recognising faces and as s result people generally look the same to me unless they have an outstanding feature like slanted eyes (sorry. Sounds racist but it's not) piercings, or large noses, extended chins etc. (skin colour helps to differentiate too. But still. Black people look the same. Asians look the same. White people look the same and everyone else looks the same.)

Im not racist or rude for this, I just have a fail in the ability to differentiate between faces. (It also affects my ability to recognise gender, attractiveness, and whether I'm looking at my father or his older brother)

Anyone else think people all look the same?

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  • My problem is I'm such a loner I don't remember people I've met for very long


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  • I know of the condition you're talking about and damn, that must suck.

    After moving to the UK I've actually started being able to differentiate Asians better. Before they looked all the same, now I find myself correcting people when they call a Filipino, Korean, Japanese person Chinese.

    The exposure has helped me see differences better.

    • I did exaggerate when I said everyone looks the same because side by side, of course we all look different, it's when I'm looking at one or the other that I get confused.

      But Thankyou for the kind words (and the actually knowing what condition I'm talking about.)

    • I know what you mean, though. I regularly get stuck in wiki link loops, so I tend to build up knowledge about various things, lol.

      "Ooooh, what does that mean. *click*" <--- oops, where did the evening go?

    • Hah! I do that all the time.

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  • Nope most look very different from each other. Most Chinese though look a like the same black hair black eyes

    • There are a lot of Asians who have colored hair and wearing colored lenses. And black eyes don't exist but they have very dark brown eyes.

  • Different in good ways.
    Races are like candies with slightly different favors. Each flavor is a different color, and you might be attracted to some flavors more than others, but in the end it's all simply candy and you should love them all.

    • It's not about loving them. It's about being able to tell people apart.
      I can tell an Asian person from a black person, I just can't tell an Asian from another, or any other race from their own.
      I don't believe anyone is any better than the other, I just wanted to know if anyone else thought people all generally look the same.

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    • Yeah I like your reference.
      I like food references. I compared makeup and natural to Beetroot brownies and lemons the other day.

      Good references are great.

    • *food references.

  • I had that in my earlier years butnot as extreme. Now it seems to be fixed, the weird thing was I didn't bother how people looked like back then cuz I wasn't really intrested in people.

    • I'm just grateful I recognise my boyfriend really. He has this mop of curly hair which helps him stand out.

      I was actually better at telling people apart when I was younger.

  • I'm bad at remembering people, but when I eventually know them, none look the same to me, no.

  • Hmm no but I'm bad at remembering faces. So I might see someone and then see someone else after a bit and think they look the same because I don't remember the first properly


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  • everyone looks different

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