What The Hell? Like, seriously?

Why the hell do people think pansexuality is not a thing? It is. Pansexuality is an attraction to all gender variations, male, female, agender, etc.

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  • I think mostly people who are ignorant or religious don't know about these things


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  • I'm up for a duel lmao

    What's the difference between that and bisexuality then? Also, how can you consider yourself pansexual, if the word pansexual involves sex on itself?

    Whenever you talk to someone you immediately identify sex, so does it mean physical appearance don't matter? Because if you have physical attraction to someone, then by default you appreciate their physical attributes within that sex. Am I wrong? I you are indifferent to gender to chose a mate, ok I get that but then you find yourself physically attracted to that person's traits within their own gender. Which wouldn't be different from bisexuality, or being attracted to both genders.

    I'm not part of the LGBT community nor I give a fuck what's debated within that group. It's just for personal knowledge that I'm asking. Just throwing that out there.

    • Physical appearance matters to some people, yes. But bisexuality is different. It's just the attraction to males and females.

    • So bisexuality describes part what pansexuality means? It's that what you are saying? If so, then pansexuality just describes the emotional aspect of bisexuality. it's a sub categorization and wouldn't involve sexuality, which would be an oxymoron given the term pan-sexuality.

  • people may think that because logically bi is the same thing, you are already attracted to both genitals so it does not really matter. pan-sexual is kind of like a sub category

  • so there's no pans involved?

  • I remember back when you were either gay lesbian or bi wtf is going on dude